What To Bring:

Spending Money:

Suggested spending money during camp is $20-$40 .  This could be used at the Canteen Snack Shack, Camp Bookstore, crafts, or the one-time optional offering.  Money will be held at the camp office for safe-keeping, and the amount given will be credited to a Camper Bank account and can be used at any of our locations.  Any remaining funds will be refunded at the end of the week. .**

What Not To Bring:

Skateboards, scooters, rollerblades, magazines, fireworks, non-prescription medication, portable media players, food, or any objects displaying messages not conforming to standards of Gitche Gumee Bible Camp. 


Lost and Found:

Mark all belongings with camper's name.  Lost and found items will be discarded after two weeks if not requested.  Requested items will be mailed or be made available for pick-up. 

*Gitche Gumee Bible Camp is not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged items while attending camp. 

**Funds secured using the Camper Bank are protected from risk of loss and theft.  Gitche Gumee Bible Camp is not responsible for lost or stolen funds if you choose not to take advantage of the Camper Bank.