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Welcome to

The Beach House

The Beach House is located right on a piece of our very own Lake Superior beach front property. This cabin is perfect for you and your family to get away, relax on the shores of Gitche Gumee, and escape from the speed of life. The Beach House features 4 beds

nestled upstairs, just a short walk up the spiral staircase.

Living Room

The living room features several large windows that look over beautiful Lake Superior, and catches the sunsets perfectly as each day comes to an end.

Spiral Staircase

The spiral staircase is one of the main attractions of the Beach House, it is the gateway to a restful night in the bedrooms located on the second floor.


The Beach House comes furnished with a kitchen that includes a: sink, range, oven, microwave, and fridge.


The Boardwalk connects the main parking area to the Beach House, it is about 150ft long and surrounded the natural beauty of the Lake.

Main Bedroom

The main bedroom area of the Beach House has two twin beds and one full bed, it has windows which look out over the lake and is perfect for children or other members of your family.

Back Bedroom

The back bedroom is located upstairs and is closed off from the rest of the cabin by a door, so that you can get a great nights rest. Included in this room is a queen sized bed

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